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Need A Fresh Start?

Thatgirl Organizes makes the most daunting organizational tasks and takes care of them, giving you peace of mind that they are handled.

It's tough to donate/relocate items by yourself.  However, with Thatgirl Organizes you'll feel so much lighter in mind and spirit after a few hours that you may want to finish the project yourself!


It is attainable.

Organizing services are available in Naperville and the surrounding suburbs within 30 minutes.  Ready to prioritize a project, set goals, get rid of clutter and finally, take a break as I help you make your life more simple? 

Call me today!  


Do you long for a peaceful, well organized space?  

I can make that happen for you!

Does your kitchen need a helping hand?  Does your child's play room resemble a tornado?  Let's get started making a room or two peaceful and welcoming.  You will smile at the results!

Hi there!  

I'm Ann Marie and you've just walked into my virtual, online home and

 place where you can relax, pour yourself a cup of warm goodness and see how I can make your space more relaxing, efficient and most importantly, a pleasant place to be.  Feel free to browse around and check out some of the projects I've accomplished.